And the building begins.......

Test fit of the wheels, cab sanded down in prep for cab corner replacement, and prime.

All body parts were removed, and all glass was taken out. Dismantled, the only way to build.

Front fenders were stripped to the metal

Doors when we started.

A good coat of Aircraft Remover goes a long way. Had to get rid of all that old junk.

Close of pic of the paint curling up from the paint stripper

80% stripped, the rest was done with sanders.

Completely stripped outter doors

Cab floor was stripped and sanded down, and treated to a generous coat of Slick Sand Polyester primer

Fenders, hood, and cab also recieved the same Polyester primer

Fenders with antenna and fender flare pockets welded up and smoothed, and shot with primer

Pic of the front half under prime

First coat of primer on the door

Picture taken after the jams were wet sanded, painted and cleared.

Another shot of the cab jammed in. Note the undercoated cab floors and walls.

hood, fenders, and doors were also jammed along with the cab.

Pic of the front cab all jammed in.

Close up pic of the 22s